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Disco Stu (The Simpsons)

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Disco Stu is a recurring character on The Simpsons. He wears a rhinestone-encrusted jumpsuit, refers to himself in the third person and seems to be mentally stuck in the Disco era.

He first appeared during a Springfield-wide yard-sale day. Homer was reminiscing about his "disco stud" sequined jacket from the 1970s, that only read "Disco Stu" since he ran out of room on the back of the jacket. Marge told Homer that the jacket wouldn't sell.

Someone exclaims, "hey, Stu, you should buy that" to which he replies, "Disco Stu doesn't advertise!" He doesn't buy the jacket.

In another episode he says "Disco Stu was hooked on the white stuff," and gets a bag of sugar.

Disco Stu has also been seen with dead goldfish in his hightop shoes, hitting on Marge Simpson at a ski lodge (until he finds out she has children), telling his troubles to a taxi driver with a hidden camera, and, most recently, dancing with Homer after Homer discovers his love of walking.

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