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Daria is an animated television show created by Glenn Eichler[?] and Susie Lewis Lynn[?] and originally ran in the US on MTV. It was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead, in which the character of Daria originally appeared. It is now showing as reruns on the children's educational network Noggin[?] on that network's time block for young teens called "The N." These reruns however have been criticised by Daria fans for being arbitrarily edited for content, occasionally rendering remaining portions of the show almost unintelligible or wiping out subplots.

The show's main character is the poster child for 'teen misfit' Daria Morgendorffer[?], a bespectacled, plain, highly intelligent, and extremely cynical teenage girl who is portrayed as an icon of sanity within an insane household, with her vacuous, fashion-obsessed sister Quinn and slightly insane parents Helen and Jake. Much of the show is a vehicle for Daria's droll one-liners.

Other Major Daria Characters:

  • Helen Morgendorffer - Daria's work-a-holic mother.
  • Jake Morgendorffer - Daria's father. He had a strict military father and tends to have mood swings and go off on rants about his childhood.
  • Jane Lane - Daria's artistic best friend.
  • Trent Lane - Jane's brother and the only other Lane still permanently residing in the Lane household. Also Daria's romantic interest for much of the series.
  • Tom Sloane - First appeared as Jane's boyfriend and later became Daria's boyfriend.
  • Andrea - The Lawndale High 'Goth'. No last name is given, though fans have extrapolated several possible names.
  • Brittany Taylor - Lawndale High's head cheerleader. You'll never find an IQ lower excepting perhaps...
  • Kevin Thompson - Lawndale High's football team's Quarter Back.
  • Jodie Landon - One of few black students at Lawndale High, Jodie is the quintessential overachiever.
  • Michael "Mack" MacKenzie - Jodie's boyfriend and also another of the few black students at Lawndale High. He is more or less of comparable intelligence to Jodie and is the Lawndale High's football team's captain.
  • Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III - Is the world's least desirable male, with the world's worst taste in come-ons.
  • The Fashion Club:
    • Sandi Griffin - The club president, or perhaps I should say monarch. She rules the fashion club with an iron fist.
    • Quinn Morgendorffer - Daria's sister? A 'fashion victim'? Never. Well it's true. She's the club Vice-president and Sandi is very jealous of her popularity.
    • Stacy Rowe - Stacey is the secretary of the club and appears to have no personality of her own. She is extremely insecure. Some fans feel she would leave the fashion club if she could ever find enough spine.
    • Tiffany Blum-Deckler - The 'yes man' of the club. She'll always side with either Sandi or Quinn depending on who's winning. She is generally presented as the least intelligent of the group and she speaks extremely slowly.
  • Ms. Janet Barch - LHS Science teacher. She is psychotically aggressive towards all males due to a rather messy divorce. She and Mr. O'Neil have had numerous 'flings' together through out the series.
  • Mrs. Diane Bennett - LHS Economics Teacher. For some obscure reason she is known primarily for her hatred of pennies.
  • Ms. Claire Defoe - LHS Art Teacher. Most down-to-earth of the faculty and patient to a fault. Probable hippie past.
  • Mr. Anthony DeMartino - DeMartino is stressed to the point of being put in a strait jacket. He has the habit of shouting every fifth word or so causing one of his eyes to bulge out.
  • Ms. Angela Li - Principal of Lawndale High. She is obsessed with fund raising and the school's image. Many fans assume that the interest in fund raising is because she uses the regular budget on security measures for the school, such as drug dogs and closed circuit cameras.
  • Mr. Timothy O'Neil - LHS English Teacher. Sensitive 'new age guy' always talking about feelings but doesn’t have a very good grip on his own emotions.

Daria Sites Online This section only covers a few of the largest and most compleat Daria sites.

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