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Cyrus Teed

Cyrus R. Teed was an American scientist and creator of the Hollow Earth theory[?].

As a young scientist, Teed was always interested in unconventional experiments, often involving dangerously high levels of electricity. One day, during an experiment he was badly shocked, and passed out. During his period of unconciousness, Teed believed he was visited by a divine spirit who told him that he was the messiah. Inspired, once he awakened Teed vowed to apply his scientific knowledge to "redeem humanity." He promptly changed his first name to "Koresh," the Hebrew word for Cyrus.

Some believe that the heavy dose of electricity Teed absorbed may have damaged his brain. Indeed, following his "divine visit" Teed's scientific theories began to get increasingly odd. He denounced the idea that the Earth revolved around the sun and instead pinoneered his own theory of the Universe, known as the Hollow Earth theory[?]. According to this theory, human beings live on the inside of the planet, not the outside. Gravity thus does not exist, and humans are held in place due to centrifugal force. The sun is a giant battery-operated contraption, and the stars mere refractions of its light.

Though denounced by many, Teed's ideas caught on with some residents of his small Florida town, and a group known as the "Koreshians" were born. They tried to run several candidates for city council but were never successful.

Teed died in 1906.

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