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Cyan is a pure spectral color, but the same hue can also be generated by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light. As such, cyan is the complement of red: cyan pigments absorb red light. Cyan is sometimes called blue-green and often goes undistinguished from light blue.

An example of a cyan color in the RGB color space has intensities [0, 221, 221] on a 0 to 255 scale. On a browser that supports visual formatting in Cascading Style Sheets, the following box should appear in this color:

Cyan is one of the common inks used in four-color printing, along with magenta, yellow, and black; this set of colors is referred to as CMYK.

See also: cyanide

Cyan, Inc. is also the name of a computer game company which makes games for the Apple Macintosh and for Microsoft Windows. The games they have made include Spelunx[?], Manhole[?], Myst, Riven[?], and Myst III: Exile[?] (the latter actually developed by Presto Studios[?]). Cyan is also in the process of making a game with the names Parable[?], Mudpie[?], and Uru: Ages Before Myst[?]. With the exception of Manhole and Spelunx, the games stem from the idea that a race called the D'ni[?] can write books called "ages" which can be used to link to other worlds. Cyan's games are known for concentrating on detailed plot, graphics[?], and exploration.

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