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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a popular CBS network series, running since October 2000, about a team of forensic scientists. It is set in Las Vegas, Nevada in the present. It airs in the USA and several TV channels throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

The team investigate mysterious and unusual deaths to determine who killed them and how, and also solve other serious crimes such as rape.

The main characters include the head of CSI, Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen[?]), a forensic entomologist who knows sign language and has inherited a disease which is causing him to slowly go deaf. He has two men and two women on his team:

Other cast members include Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle[?]), a homicide detective; Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda[?]), a young lab technician; and the coroner, Al Robbins M.D. (Robert David Hall[?]), who performs the autopsies.

The series is well known for its unusual camera angles, high tech gadgets, detailed technical discussion and graphic portrayal of bullet trajectories, blood spray patterns, organ damage, methods of evidence recovery (e.g. fingerprints from the inside of latex gloves) and crime reconstructions.

A spinoff series, CSI: Miami[?], began in 2002

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