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Colossal squid

The Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) is the largest known type of squid. It hunts in the dark ocean via bioluminescence. This species was first discovered in 1925, in the form of two tentacles found in the stomach of a sperm whale[?]. In 2003, a complete specimen was found near the surface of the Ross Sea[?]. This specimen was larger than any other invertebrate known, with a total length of 6 metres and a mantle length of 2.5 metres. Unlike the giant squid whose tentacles are equipped with suckers lined with small teeth, the tentacles of the colossal squid are tipped with a vicious looking mixture of suckers and swivelling hooks. The captured specimen is an immature female, leading to speculation that when fully grown the colossal squid may have a body length of 4 metres and total length of around 12 metres making it truly deserving of its name.

While little is known about the life of this creature, many whales carry scars believed to be caused by the hooks of colossal squid on their backs.

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