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Clark's Grebe

Clark's grebe
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Aechmorphorus clarkii

Clark's Grebe (Aechmorphorus clarkii ) is a North American member of the grebe family of water birds.

Up until the 1980s (?), it was thought to be a pale morph of the Western Grebe, which it resembles in size, range, and behavior. Intermediates between the two species are known.

Clark's Grebe is black-and-white, with a long, slender, swan-like neck. Size: 22"-29".

Its distinguishing features are: Its bill is slightly upturned, whereas the Western grebe's bill is straight. It shows white around its eyes, whereas black appears around the eyes of the Western grebe. The downy young are white, not gray.

This species is found on ocean coasts or large inland lakes. It feeds by diving for carp, herring, mollusks, crabs, and salamanders.

Aechmorphorus: from the Greek aichme (a spear) and phoros (bearing), in reference to its bill; clarkii: Latin for William Clark.

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