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Chinese classic texts

The Chinese culture has a heritage that is several millennia old. One of the aspects of the culture that allows its stability is the importance given to certain ancient texts, or classics, that shape the philosophies of the culture.

Si4 shu1 wu3 jing1 (四書五經), the Four Books and the Five Classics, were mandated study of those Confucian scholars who dreamt to become government officials.

Si4 shu1 (四書), the Four Books:

  • Da4 Xue2 (大學), The Great Learning
  • Zhong1 Yong2 (中庸), The Doctrine of the Golden Mean, name of a chapter in Li3 ji4 (禮記)
  • Lun4 Yu3 (論語), Confucian Analects
  • Meng4 Zi3 (孟子), The Works of Mencius

Wu3 jing1 (五經), the Five Classics:

  • Shi1 Jing1 (詩經), the Classic of Poetry
  • Shu1 Jing1 (書經), Shu Ching[?], the Classic of History,
  • Yi4 Jing1 (易經), I Ching, the Classic of Changes,
  • Li3 Ji4 (禮記), the Classic of Rites, social forms and ceremonies (usu. spelled “Liki”).
  • Chun1 Qiu1 (春秋), (aka lin2 jing1 麟經) the Spring and Autumn Annals written by Confucius, with implied condemnation of usurpations, murder, incest, etc.;
Book of Music (樂) is sometime referred to as the sixth classic.

Other classics:

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