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CE is an abbreviation for "Common Era". It is often used in English-speaking cultures to denote the count of years since the traditional reckoning of the birth of Jesus. The CE counting system for years is equivalent to that signified by AD ("Anno Domini", or Year of Our Lord). When CE is used, it is usually placed after the numerical year rather than before. Thus, AD 100 is rendered "100 CE".

The usage of CE to replace AD is usually advocated on the grounds that the counting of years in relation to the birth of Jesus is biased too strongly in the service of Christianity.

Christians, however, sometimes interpret "CE" to mean "Christian Era" and "BCE" to mean "Before the Christian Era". The terms CE and BCE are therefore usually uncontroversial.

The earliest known use of the term CE is in Lindo's 1838 Jewish Calendar.

See also BCE.

Also, a logo (a stylized "CE") placed on products to signify conformance with European Union regulations.

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CE is also an abbreviation for the Council of Europe.

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