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Butane is an alkane hydrocarbon with the empirical formula C4H10.

It is a flammable, colorless, easily liquefied gas, and used extensively as fuel for cigarette lighters[?] and portable stoves.

Butane exists as two isomers:

n-Butane consists of a fully hydrogenated linear chain of four carbon atoms thus: CH3CH2CH2CH3. The boiling point is -0.6 °C.

i-butane, or isobutane has formula CH3CH(CH3)2, and the systematic name 2-methylpropane. The boiling point is -10.2 °C.

Recent concerns with regards to depletion of the ozone layer by freon gases has lead to an increase used of isobutane as a gas for refrigeration systems, especially in domestic[?] refrigerators and freezers[?]. When used as a refrigerant[?], isobutane is also known as R600a[?].

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