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Barbecue is a food consisting mainly of smoked meats cooked over an open fire on a grill[?], including brisket[?], sausage, and ribs[?] of various sorts. Barbecue is a typical cuisine of the U.S. Southern States and particularly Texas. Lots of Barbecue may be found in Central Texas. The word derives from the Arawak "barbecoa" meaning an open wood fire for cooking.

Various regions in the U.S. South debate what is "true" barbecue; some insist that the name should only properly refer to a type of tender shreaded pork marinated with a certain sause.

Barbecue (sometimes referred to as BBQ) is not only popular in the U.S. and Canada (where hamburgers, steak, chicken, kabobs, and other meats and vegetables are perennial favourites), but worldwide with countries usually adding their own unique flavours and spices (such as jerk in Jamaica).

In Australia, Barbecues are a popular summer pastime. Australian BBQs do not involve the smoking or sugary sauces of an American BBQ. Instead plain or marinaded meat is grilled over the open fire.

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