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Azeri language

Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan. There are approximately 7 million native speakers of Azeri.

Phonology Based on information at http://www.azeri.org/Azeri/az_learn/latin_az_sounds (http://www.azeri.org/Azeri/az_learn/latin_az_sounds), Azeri phonology appears to be:


bilabial dental alveolar velar uvular glottal
stops voiceless p t   k q  
voiced b d   g    
affricates voiceless     tS      
voiced     dZ      
fricatives voiceless f s S x   h
voiced v z Z G    
nasals m n        
lateral   l        
rhotic   r        


front central back
unrounded rounded unrounded rounded unrounded rounded
high i y   M u
mid e 9     o
low {   a  

(The above uses the SAMPA coding scheme.)

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