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Ashikaga Yoshitane

Ashikaga Yoshitane (1466 - 1523) was the 10th Ashikaga shogun who reigned first from 1490 to 1493 and then again from 1508 to 1521 during the Muromachi period of Japan. Yoshitane was the son of Ashikaga Yoshimi[?] and grandson of the 6th shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori.

After the 9th shogun Ashikaga Yoshihisa died in 1489 of disease leaving no heir while on a campaign against Rokkaku Takayori[?] (Rokkaku Tobatsu), the daimyo of southern Omi[?] province, Yoshitane became Seii Taishogun a year later. In 1493, Yoshitane rose against Hosokawa Masamoto[?] and was replaced by the 11th shogun Ashikaga Yoshizumi.

Again in 1508, after the Battle of Funaokayama[?], with the support of Ouchi Yoshioki[?], Yoshitane regained the position of Seii Taishogun from Yoshizumi. However, finally after a power struggle with Hosokawa Takakuni[?], Yoshitane fled to Awaji Island[?] and died in Awa province on the island of Shikoku. Hosokawa Masamoto replaced Yoshitane with the 12th shogun Ashikaga Yoshiharu.

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