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Areios Pagos

Areios Pagos (Άρειος Πάγος in Greek language)

(1) A rocky hill next to Acropolis in Athens where people used to gather and deliver speeches of judicial context. The origin of its name is not clear. Pagos in greek means big piece of rock. Areios could have come from Ares (latin Mars), the Greek god of war, or from Erinyes (Furies). According to the first theory that was the place where Ares was judged by the Gods for the murder of Alirrothios. According to the second there took place the trial of Orestes for killing his stepmother and her lover, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus. In any case Areios Pagos was considered strongly connected with justice and on its foot was erected a temple dedicated to Erinyes where murderers used to find shelter so as not to face the consequences of their actions. It was the place that apostle Paul chose to deliver his speech about the Unknown God, attempting to convert the Greeks. Near Areios Pagos was constructed the 'basilika' of Dionysius Areopagites[?].

(2) Judicial body of aristocratic origin the power of which was enhanced by Solon.

(3) The higher court of Greece.

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