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Ananke (moon)

Discovered bySeth Barnes Nicholson
Discovered in1951
Orbital characteristics
Mean radius21,048,000 km
Orbital period~629d
Is a satellite ofJupiter
Physical characteristics
Equatorial diameter~30 km
Surface area km2
Mass3.82×1016 kg
Mean density2.7 g/cm3
Surface gravity0.010 m/s2
Rotation period?
Axial tilt
Surface temp.
Atmospheric pressure0 kPa

Ananke (pronounced "a NANG kee") is one of Jupiter's moons. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson at Lick Observatory in 1951 and is named after the mother of Adrastea, by Jupiter. Ananke has a retrograde orbit.

  • Orbital radius: 21,200,000 km
  • diameter: 30 km
  • mass: 3.82×1016 kg
  • Orbital period: 617 days
  • Orbital inclination: 147°

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