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AmigaE, or very often simply E, is a programming language created by Wouter van Oortmerssen on the Amiga. He has since moved to develop the SHEEP programming language[?] for the new AmigaDE platform[?]. Although development ended in 1994, AmigaE still has a huge following since it is an easy to understand, powerful and fast.

AmigaE is a combination of features from a number of languages, but follows the original C programming language in terms of features and concepts most closely. AmigaE's main benefit is that it compiles and runs very fast, allowing it to be used in place of a scripting language. It is fast primarily by being feature-light, and AmigaE has only the basic features suited to writing larger programs. All of these features make it similar to the original implementations of C. However, AmigaE has modified the syntax away from the original C style, to something somewhat more like Pascal.

Additions from other languages include basic support for object oriented programming, allowing the programmer to "connect" a procedure to a record using the OF operator, which is also overloaded to indicate inheritance.

A "hello world" program in AmigaE looks like:

   PROC main()
      WriteF('Hello, World!')

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A Beginner's Guide to Amiga E (http://www.stud.uni-hamburg.de/users/goldi/aee/beginner/beginner_toc)

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