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An acre is a measure of land equal to 43,560 square feet or 4046.8564 square metres, or 0.40468564 hectares.

A square mile has 640 acres, and a square parcel of land 1/4 mile wide has 40 acres. It is also the area of land that is one furlong long and one chain (22 yards) wide.

It was selected as approximately the amount of land tillable by one man behind an ox in one day. Statutory values were enacted in England by acts of Edward I, Edward III, Henry VIII, and George IV; the British "Weights and Measures Act" of 1878 defined it as containing 4,840 square yards.

Acre is the Crusader name given to the city which Israeli Arabs call "Akka" and Jews "Akko". See Akko.

Acre is the name of one of the states of Brazil.

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