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The Amiga A600 was the final of the original A500-esque line. It came with the Kickstart/Workbench v2 AmigaOS and was generally more user-friendly and pleasant than its older brethren. It was very much aimed at the lower "consumer" end of the market, with the higher end being dominated by the A3000.

The notable thing about the A600 was its size - look at your keyboard now, and image no numerical keypad. It's about that big. A bit "chunkier" and deeper, but a very small piece of kit.

It used the Motorola 68000 processor, running at around 8MHz. On board graphics were basic, generally only 32 colours (or 64 "half tone") were available, although sometimes you would use the memory-sapping 4096 colour mode. Sound was great - 4 channel 8bit! Standard memory was a whopping 1MB. Although a lot of people splashed out on the 1MB upgrade. Other add-ons included MIDI and samplers.

The A600 had a SCART socket for TV connection - providing a sharper picture (it had a monitor connector too). But perhaps its most interesting connections were the PCMCIA slots, and the internal IDE interface (for the astounding, and expensive 40MB 2.5" disk).

Later upgrades saw users stick in 68010 and 68020 processors, more memory and some bolt-on audio or video hardware.

Generally it came bundled with Zool and Pinball Dreams[?].

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