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AmigaOS is the default native operating system of the Amiga. It was originally based on a Tripos port by MetaComCo written in BCPL.

It has:

  • Preemptive Unix-like multitasking without 'nice' priorities
  • Microkernel architecture
  • Programmable real-time interrupts with very low latencies
  • No memory protection
  • 32-bit design
  • Programmable filesystem devices

It came always divided in two parts:

  • Kickstart (The ROM part: it had the bootstrap, the kernel and some libraries)
  • Workbench (The disk-based part: it had a desktop environment, libraries, patches and some utilities to complement the Kickstart)

The Workbench environment is not required for the machine to function, therefore a lot of games boot directly from Kickstart, without loading it. Without Workbench there is more RAM available, however the application will lose the ability to multitask with other applications. In this circumstance, the machine must be rebooted.

Kickstart versions:


  • Create Workbench & Kickstart entries. Move things there.
  • Lots more information
    • Libraries
    • Devices
    • Filesystems
    • Handlers
    • Etc.

See also: AROS

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