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The Amiga 1000 was the first Amiga computer released by Commodore.

Some technical specifications:

  • Motorola 68000 (32-bit CISC microprocessor with 16 registers lacking MMU for memory protection and virtual memory).
  • Default operating system AmigaOS 1.0 or 1.1 (having 32-bit pre-emptive multitasking microkernel) depending on the revision. It is loaded from the Kickstart floppy disk when the machine is powered up.
  • 256 kB of Chip RAM by default (sound buffers, graphics buffers and software existed in same memory space).
    • upper limit of 16 MB of memory due to MC68000 limitations.
  • OCS chipset.
  • 50 Hz PAL and 60 Hz NTSC by default versions available. 50/60Hz mode can be switched by software, although switching a PAL Amiga to NTSC mode produces a 60Hz PAL display, and switching an NTSC Amiga to PAL mode produces a 50Hz NTSC display. Usually this is enough for software that relies on a particular format.
  • hardware switchable low-pass audio filter. (cut/join a track, many people built switches). This was software switchable on later models. sure it wasn't software switchable on the 1000?!
  • IRQ sharing (like PCI bus).
  • IRQ system had 7 priority levels of interrupts.
    • Absolutely no limit on number of interrupts available.
    • Resources handled by Autoconfig, very similar to ACPI, resources were not numbered or labelled, just given as amounts and addresses.
  • No specific I/O ports, used memory mapped I/O space separately for each hardware device (thankyou, Jay Miner).

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