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In Yoruba mythology, Yemaja is a mother goddess, patron deity of women, especially pregnant women, and the Ogun river[?] (the water]s of which are said to cure infertility). Her parents are Odudua and Obatala. She had one son, Orungan[?], who raped her successfully one time and attempted a second time; she exploded instead, and fifteen Orishas came forth from her. They include Ogun, Olukum[?], Shakpana and Shango.

Yemaja is also venerated in Vodun. Among the Umbandists[?], Yemaja is a goddess of the ocean and patron deity of the survivors of shipwrecks. In Santeria, Yemaja (also called Yemaya) is the equivalent of Our Lady of Regla[?].

Alternative: Yemanja, Yemayah

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