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Xaraya is a GPLed (i.e. Free) content management system forked from Postnuke. Though Xaraya shares some of the same ideas behind Postnuke and PHP-Nuke, the underlying technology is much more refined, with a seperation between content and processing.

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From the press release blurb:

The high-level features of Xaraya include:

  • A highly modular system. No longer is there a need to change core scripts in order to accomplish a deed. With the Xaraya Event System, you can plug into the core where and when you need.

  • With the modular design, there is also a high degree of re-usable code. With the Xaraya Hooks System, you are able to add different presentation layers to nearly any module. Want comments for your users, but not for your articles? Xaraya does just that, with the same comment system. Ever wanted a global categories system? Xaraya does just that.

  • Complete control over the output via templating from themes. This means that any one theme can control the entire look and feel of the layout for your website, while another theme could present the output in a complete opposite manner. No longer are you constrained by the whims of hardcoding presentation within modules or core.

  • With Xaraya's Dynamic Data Model, you are able to redesign the data structure of modules. Need to capture different user data? Dynamic Data can do that for you, and you can export the data structure to other websites in need.

  • With the Xaraya Article System, no longer do you need to install multiple modules that do similar acts. Xaraya comes pre-configured with News, Documents, Links, Reviews, and FAQ. It doesn't end there though. You can add article types as needed from the administration area. The only code that is necessary to add a new article type is to create a template for that new article type.

  • Xaraya also comes with modular authentication. This means that authentication methods such as LDAP, PAM, etc are possible. Xaraya comes with a working LDAP module and we are actively developing new plugin systems.

  • Xaraya employees an unique administration system, which allows quick navigation for quick administration. If you perfer the *Nuke style administration, you can easily over-ride the administration template and create a icon / link style admin.

  • Xaraya also has a very quick installation method to get you off the ground running very quickly. The installation will install your database, and also check for several configuration values about your server.

  • Xaraya also offers an extremely flexible and easy to use permissions system. The permissions were redesigned from the ground up with usability and flexibility in mind. Gone are the days of creating a permission, and then crossing your fingers that it will work.

  • Xaraya also offer built in short url support in many modules. This allows your website to have nicer url's than many CMS packages out there.

Download: Xaraya Downloads (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=64578) Discuss: Xaraya NewsGroups (http://www.xaraya.com/newsgroups) Chat: [irc://irc.xaraya.com Xaraya Chat and Support]

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