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One of Wikipedia's rules to consider:

If you add fictional information, please be sure to clearly distinguish fact and fiction. As with normal articles, try to provide enough context for an unfamiliar reader to get an idea about the article's meaning without having to check several links. Instead of

"Trillian was taken away from Earth by Zaphod when he visited a party."


"Trillian is a fictional character from Douglas Adams's radio and book series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. She was taken away from Earth in a spaceship when Zaphod Beeblebrox visited a party. Together with Zaphod, she explores the universe in the starship until the two .. Relevant excerpt: .. " and so on.

Can't write that much? The subject is too limited to be given that much space? Then integrate it into a larger article.

It is generally discouraged to add fictional information from sources that can not be verified or are limited to a very small number of readers, such as fan fiction and online role playing games. In the latter case, if you absolutely have to write about the subject, please be especially careful to cite your sources.

Do not unnecessarily create small articles about largely irrelevant fictional characters, locations, objects and so on that can be better integrated into larger articles. For example, if you have to write about some fan fiction, it is better to write a larger article about this variant of a fictional universe than to create all sorts of stubs about its characters that nobody can fix. Try to write encyclopedia-type material, even when writing about fringe subjects.

Articles about fiction that cannot be verified or are sloppily written are especially likely to end up on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion. So: Check your fiction.

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