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In the Wheel of Time series of fantasy books, Warders are protectors and servants of Aes Sedai. Aes Sedai bond Warders using a special weave of the One Power.

Among the abilities granted to Warders by their bond are increased durability, and a constant awareness of the location and condition of their Aes Sedai. Most Warders are highly trained warriors, and many are skilled trackers as well.

Warders wear special cloaks, made of a material that can only be produced by a Ter'Angreal[?] in the White Tower[?]. The cloaks blend and shift colors as they move, and allow the Warders an incredible amount of camouflage in almost any environment.

If a Warder dies, his Aes Sedai feels the death as it happens, and generally suffers intense depression. Warders whose Aes Sedai die almost invariably die too, as they lose all will to live.

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