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Wardenclyffe Tower

Wardenclyffe[?] is located in Shoreham[?], Long Island. This site was used by Nikola Tesla as part of an experiment in creating distribution system for electricity that would allow power to be transmitted over any distance without wires. Various theories exist on how Tesla intended to execute this, from the use of radio to putting a charge on the Earth itself.

The project was backed by wealthy industrialists such as J. P. Morgan. However, people like Morgan were not wealthy by running a charity, and when Morgan wanted to know "Where can I put the meter?" Tesla had no answer. Tesla had a vision of free power, which did not agree with Morgan's worldview, and funding was withdrawn from the project.

Coupled with this personal tragedy for Tesla was an unexplained fire in Tesla's laboratory, which resulted in the loss of many of his notes and documents.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was destroyed by the United States government in 1917, ostensibly because it could provide a navigation landmark for German submarines.

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