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Voivodina (or Vojvodina) is a northern province of Serbia. Its capital is Novi Sad, the second largest town is Subotica.


First settled by Slavs in the 6th century (Severans), isolated pockets of Slavs remained throughout the Panonian basin throughout history. In the the 10th century, the invading Magyars conquered this plain, along with most of the area of present-day Vojvodina.

More Serbs began settling from the 14th century onward and by 1483, according to a Hungarian sources, as much as half of the population of the Kingdon of Hungary would have been made up of Serbs at the time. Another Hungarian source from the same century put the number of Serb settlers in Vojvodina at 200,000. It was gained by Hapsburgs in 17th century and in that period there was significant German settlement. In the Austro-Hungury Voivodina enjoyed rather extensive autonomy. Since 1860 under Hungarian rule. Before World War I Voivodina belonged to Cisleithania, the Pest crown half of Austria-Hungary. In November of 1918 the Assembly of Novi Sad proclaimed the union of Backa[?], Banat[?], Srem[?] and Baranja[?] with the then Kingdom of Serbia.


The results of the 2002 census yielded the following population numbers:

2,031,992 inhabitants: 1,321,807 Serbs (65.05%) 290,207 Hungarians (14.28%) 56,637 Slovaks (2.79%) 56,546 Croats (2.78%) 49,881 Yugoslavs (2.45%) 30,419 Rumanians (1.50%) 29,057 Roma or Gypsies (1.43%) 19,766 Bunjevatz or Catholic Serbs (0.97%) 15,626 Ruthenes (0.77%) 4,635 Ukrainians (0.23%)

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