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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Mammalia
Order: Multituberculata
Suborder[?]: Cimolodonta
Genus: Viridomys
  V. orbatus


Viridomys is a mammal genus from the Upper Cretaceous of North America. It was a member of the extinct order of Multituberculata, and lived during 'the age of the dinosaurs'.
For those of a technical inclination, it's within the Suborder of Cimolodonta, though its further affinities are unclear.

Genus: Viridomys Fox RC, 1971
Aka: Viredomys

Species: Viridomys orbatus Fox RC, 1971
Place: Upper Milk River Formation, Alberta & ?Dogie Mountain, Texas
Country: Canada & ?USA
Age: Campanian, Upper Cretaceous
Remarks: The Texas site is believed to be Paleocene.
Reference: Fox (1971), Early Campanian multituberculates (Mammalia: Allotheria) from the upper Milk River Formation, Alberta. Canadian J of Earth Sciences, 8, p.916-938.

Page reference: Kielan-Jaworowska Z & Hurum JH (2001), Phylogeny and Systematics of multituberculate mammals. Paleontology 44, p.389-429.

(This information has been derived from [1] (http://home.arcor.de/ktdykes/cimolod.htm) MESOZOIC MAMMALS; 'basal' Cimolodonta, Cimolomyidae, Boffiidae and Kogaionidae, an internet directory. As that's my webpage, there are no issues of copyright. Trevor Dykes)

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