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Vegeta is a fictional character in the Animes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT[?]. He is a Saiyan.

He is descended from the Saiyan Royalty, and was the Prince of the Planet Vegeta[?], before it was destroyed by Frieza along with the entire Saiyan race bar six - Goku, Vegeta, Paragus, Broly, Raditz[?] and Nappa.

Vegeta is usually portrayed as being arrogant and proud, with an envy of Goku's speed of ascent to Super Saiyan and beyond. Compared to Goku, Vegeta has a strong bond with his Saiyan heritage, and almost always refers to Goku by his Saiyan name, "Kakkarott". It was only after Goku's ascendance to Super Saiyan that Vegeta had the drive to attain the then coveted level. He is the second Saiyan to reach Super Saiyan in the series.

During the early stages of the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta is decidedly evil, often destroying entire planets and civilizations in duty to Frieza. Vegeta seems to have a hatred of weakness, and this is demonstrated when he kills his own ally Nappa after he was defeated by Goku.

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