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Heads Up: Susan Mason (or someone who has assumed that username) has returned to Wikipedia, & is making changes. The person who was using this username has been repeatedly banned. The changes made so far are not objectionable (although portions of the User's page & Talk pages have had content removed) . . . but based on the history of this person, perhaps immediate action should be taken. (I don't know why the link won't work.) -- llywrch 18:38 Apr 4, 2003 (UTC)

  • User:Susan Mason (alias Lir, Vera Cruz and Dietary Fiber, alias Adam) has spent the night messing around with the History of the Soviet Union. She has now turned her version of 'history' to James I for England, whom she insists on calling the first British monarch, even though it was long decided on wiki not to use that designation because it is dodgy historically (if you want an explanation, contact me.) Why is a user with a long history of causing trouble, with not one but TWO bans behind 'her' (as Vera Cruz and Lir) still on wiki? 'She' (or rather Adam, the creator of this 'Adam's family' of troublemakers) should be PERMANENTLY BANNED. STÓD/ÉÍRE 06:49 Apr 12, 2003 (UTC)
    • Jtdirl is lying, I honestly don't know what his problem is. He keeps swearing at me and following me around "reverting" stuff. Susan Mason
      • correctly your many many many mistakes. (Most recent one: James VI of Scotland was English. (In your last edit, British) Keep trying & you might guess Scottish. RK won't touch Susan (in her Dietary Fiber 'persona'), accusing her of lying, 172 is trying to correct her mistakes all over, Deb is fed up with the mess being left, Zoe can't stomach trying to sort out SM/DF messes. But the problem isn't mistakes, it is the systematic trouble-making, the deliberate provocation, the constant rows caused (see Idolatory[?] as both SM and Dietary Fiber), which invariably end up with the other person giving up in disgust at her behaviour. As a twice banned user, what is she doing here? Why aren't ALL Adam's 'creations' (our own Adam's Family on wiki) banned? STÓD/ÉÍRE 07:12 Apr 12, 2003 (UTC)
      • James' Page is protected due to 172 and Susan reverting each others edits on sight. -- JeLuF 07:05 Apr 12, 2003 (UTC)
        • 172 wasn't editing. He was vandalizing. Susan Mason
          • Please tell me you've protected the version that says James VI of Scotland was Scottish and not the Susan Mason verion that says he was english (!!!) , otherwise I'll never be able to look a Scottish person in the eye again! *grin* STÓD/ÉÍRE 07:12 Apr 12, 2003 (UTC)
            • Its hard to edit perfectly when you are attacking me. Susan Mason
    • We might consider just reverting everything Lir/Adam/Bridget/Susan Mason/Dietary Fiber writes. -- Zoe
    • Not alone is this abuser trying to screw up pages through incompetent entries, and deliberately ignoring decisions on name conventions pages when 'she' was voted down, we now have their invertent admission that that Dietary Fiber and Susan Mason are one of the same. (Look at the older versions of Susan Mason's talk page for evidence -curiously that page was deleted when 172 put the evidence there - in which one claimed evidence for the other's work, even though the one claiming credit had never had anything to do with the page- , but is still in the older versions.) This troll needs to be banned immediately. STÓD/ÉÍRE 03:21 Apr 13, 2003 (UTC)

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