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Many thanks. I've begun downloaded it. (Now I will have explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and a fourth. I'll be spoiled for choice. :-) STÓD/ÉÍRE 22:08 Apr 1, 2003 (UTC)

And then there were six!!! Heh heh. You wont believe this but I'm, downloading Opera too. Weeeeeee. This is great. I can use Mozilla on Monday (M for M, geddit?) Tuesday I'll go on Safari, Wednesday Camino day. Thursday I can go to the Opera. Friday brings out the explorer in me. And on those bad days, instead of being bitchy to people wiki, I can use Netscape and be bitchy to it instead. (Listen you heap of junk. Load the fucking page down right . . . what the fuck . . . ugly looking heap of crap . . . what the hell are you doing now . . . I said open the damn thing . . . ") And then do my deity act and rest on Sunday!!! *smile* STÓD/ÉÍRE 02:25 Apr 2, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Stephen- I was wondering about the list of photos you wanted taken in Korea. I'm planning my excursions for the summer, so if you can tell me what you need, I'll get on those. - Kim

Hey again. I don't know what legally exists in public domain of the reunification city. I know positively I can't get those photos for you. Journalists seem to, though. Maybe we can get permission from a photojournalist to use their work for the project. - Kim

Stephen - thanks for the warm welcome -much appreciated. David Stewart[?]

Canada's Official Name

Hi Stephen, you've shed insights into the Canadian anthem, perhaps you could help this out: we're unsure whether Canada's present official name is The Dominion of Canada or not. S~ee its Talk page. It's not a debate. Just need to get the info accurate --Menchi 17:56 May 8, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Stephen --

Yep, it's me. don't know how long I'll be back for -- Until it gets too tiresome, I guess. I think it took less than 12 hours for the last onslaught by the (as far as I can tell) French Canadian NAtionalist Brigade to take offense. So, my promise to myself after missing a couple all-too-rare PNW sunny days, is to just walk away if I find myself lured in. In the meantime, I hope to get a few things added. Nice to hear from you -- Julie

Hello Stephen and thanks for your link to Greenscan[?] and the message you sent them. It was well thought out. I've been thinking for a long time that Consumerium can't be the only project with this innovation of connecting product identification with knowledge about that product and I'm relieved that the first "competing" project we found was by Adbusters[?] Juho 10:04 17 Jun 2003 (UTC)

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