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While I try to stay well-rounded, I keep making and editing medically-based subjects more than others.
(I fix typo's in everything though.)

When I'm bored I like to disambiguate, i don't know why...

Pages I've started:
Arthroscopic surgery - Joint - Vertebra - Intervertebral disc - Ulna - Sesamoid bone - Lobster hand - Teri Hatcher - Trapezius - Acromion - John Lovelock (STUB!!) - Silkworm missile - Liver function tests - Blood plasma - Surabaya - Quackery - C*nt - Shipyard - Dry dock - Coccyx - Minesweeper (ship) - Reference ranges

Pages I've modified significantly:
White blood cell - Femur - Ac Yanto - Platelet - Atkins diet - Good Friday - Sugar

For the whole exciting list:

Things to do when you don't like to think:
  • Fix typo's
  • Disambiguate pages
  • Merge pages
  • Fix wiki links

Here is a list of medical subjects that may or may not warrant a page:
Ablation[?] Actinomycosis[?] Addison's disease[?] Adult respiratory distress syndrome[?] Aeroembolism[?] Aerospace medicine[?] Albuterol[?] Allopurinol Alprazolam[?] Amebiasis[?] American cancer society[?] American heart association[?] American lung association[?] American medical association[?] Aminoglycoside[?] Amitriptyline[?] Amlodipine[?] Anaplasmosis[?] Anastomosis[?] Aneurysm[?] Ankylosing spondylitis[?] Ankylosis[?] Antacids[?] Anthelmintic drugs[?] Anticholinergic[?] Antihistamine[?] Antiseptics[?] Antitoxin[?] Antitussive Apgar score[?] Apnea Arteriography[?] Arthroplasty[?] Ascariasis[?] Asepsis[?] Astemizole[?] Astigmatism[?] Astringent[?] Atenolol[?] Athlete's foot[?] Atresia[?] Atrophy[?] Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Aura diagnosis[?] Autogenics[?] Autopsy[?] Azithromycin[?] Bach flower healing[?] Back injuries[?] Bacterial diseases[?] Bactericides[?] Bath+ Beclomethasone dipropionate[?] Behavioral medicine[?] Benazepril[?] Benign tumor[?] Bioengineering[?] Biofeedback[?] Biopharmaceutical[?] Biopsy[?] Black lung[?] Blackleg[?] Blacktongue[?] Blemishes[?] Boil[?] Bone cancer[?] Borna disease virus[?] Brain waves[?] Braxy[?] Breath testing[?] Breathing problems[?] Breech presentation[?] Bromocriptine[?] Bronchitis[?] Bruise[?] Bursitis[?] Buspirone[?] Butalbital[?] Calf diphtheria[?] Canine parvovirus[?] Canker sore[?] Captopril[?] Carbuncle[?] Carcinoma[?] Carisoprodol[?] Catalepsy[?] Catarrh[?] Catheter[?] Causalgia[?] Cauterization[?] Cefaclor[?] Cefadroxil[?] Cefixime[?] Cefprozil[?] Cefuroxime axetil[?] Cell receptor[?] Cellulite[?] Centers for disease control and prevention[?] Cephalexin[?] Cerebral edema[?] Cerebral hemorrhage[?] Cerumen[?] Cervical cap[?] Chilblain[?] Chorionic villus sampling[?] Cimetidine[?] Clonazepam[?] Clotrimazole[?] Clubfoot[?] Cod-liver oil[?] Colchicine[?] Colic[?] Concussion of the brain[?] Contagious diseases[?] Controlled substance[?] Cori[?] Cranial osteopathy[?] Cromolyn sodium[?] Croup[?] Crystal therapy[?] Cyanosis[?] Cyclobenzaprine[?] Cystitis[?] Cytotoxic drug[?] Dandruff[?] Debridement[?] Decubitus ulcer[?] Deficiency diseases[?] Demyelination[?] Dentifrice[?] Deodorant[?] Depilatory[?] Depressant[?] Diaphragm (contraception)[?] Diathermy[?] Diclofenac sodium[?] Dicyclomine[?] Diet-deficiency diseases[?] Diethylstilbestrol[?] Digoxin[?] Diltiazem[?] Diplopia[?] Diseases of animals[?] Dislocation[?] Distemper[?] Divalproex[?] Diverticulitis[?] Diverticulosis[?] Doxazosin mesylate[?] Doxycycline[?] Drop attack[?] Drug dependence[?] Dupuytren's contracture[?] Dyspepsia[?] Dystocia[?] Dystrophia myotonica[?] Eclampsia[?] Electrocardiography[?] Electrocrystal diagnosis[?] Electromyography[?] Empyema[?] Enalapril[?] Endocrinal diseases[?] Enteric-coated drug[?] Enteritis[?] Enucleation[?] Enuresis[?] Environmental and occupational diseases[?] Environmental medicine[?] Epiglottitis[?] Episiotomy[?] Ergosterol[?] Etodolac[?] Expectorant[?] Eye bank[?] Famotidine[?] Farsightedness[?] Fetal alcohol syndrome[?] Fetal testing[?] Fexofenadine[?] Fibroid tumor[?] Fibromyalgia[?] Fibrositis[?] Fifth disease[?] Fluconazole[?] Fluoroscope[?] Fluvastatin[?] Food-borne illness[?] Foot rot[?] Friedreich's ataxia[?] Frostbite[?] Fungus infections[?] Furosemide[?] Ganglion (cyst)[?] Gastrectomy[?] Gastritis[?] Gemfibrozil[?] Genetic disorders[?] Geriatrics[?] Germicide[?] Gerson therapy[?] Giardiasis[?] Glanders[?] Glue-sniffing[?] Goiter[?] Granulocyte[?] Grass sickness[?] Guaifenesin[?] Guillain-Barré syndrome Halitosis[?] Hanaoka seishu[?] Hantaviruses[?] Hay fever[?] Health insurance[?] Hearing aid[?] Heat exhaustion[?] Heatstroke[?] Hematoma[?] Hematuria[?] Hemofiltration[?] Hemorrhagic fever[?] Hemostasis[?] Hereditary diseases Hiccup[?] Hippocratic oath[?] Hirschprung's disease[?] Hodgkin's disease Hormonal implant[?] Hospice[?] Htlv[?] Human disease[?] Huntington's disease Hydrocele[?] Hydrochlorothiazide[?] Hydrotherapy[?] Hyperbaric medicine[?] Hysterectomy[?] Ileitis[?] Immune deficiency disease[?] Immunization[?] Immunosuppressive[?] In vitro fertilization In vivo process[?] Incubator[?] Indapamide[?] Indigestion[?] Intensive care unit[?] Intermittent claudication[?] Intervertebral disk[?] Intracranial pressure[?] Intraocular lens[?] Intussusception[?] Iron lung[?] Isometric exercise[?] Itch[?] Kaposi's sarcoma Kawasaki's disease[?] Keshan disease[?] Ketoconazole[?] Ketorolac[?] Keyhole surgery[?] Kidney dialysis[?] Kinesiology[?] Kitasato shibasaburo[?] Klinefelter's syndrome Laryngitis[?] Legionnaires' disease Levothyroxine[?] Lisinopril[?] Listeriosis[?] Loracarbef[?] Loratadine[?] Lovastatin[?] Lumbago[?] Lysergic acid diethylamide Macular degeneration[?] Malnutrition Mammogram Mange[?] MAO inhibitor Mayo (family)[?] Mechanical heart[?] Medical education[?] Medical examiner[?] Medical transplantation[?] Medicare and medicaid[?] Medroxyprogesterone acetate[?] Memory loss[?] Menthol[?] Mercy killing[?] Methylprednisolone[?] Metoprolol[?] Microsurgery[?] Mineral baths[?] Mometasone furoate[?] Monoclonal antibody[?] Mupirocin[?] Muscle relaxants Muscular coordination[?] Mute (speech)[?] Myocarditis[?] Myotherapy[?] Myxedema[?] Nabumetone[?] Naproxen[?] Narcotics[?] National council on alcoholism and drug dependence[?] National health insurance[?] National institutes of health[?] Necrotizing fasciitis[?] Neomycin Nephritis[?] Nephrotic syndrome[?] Neural tube defect[?] Neuralgia[?] Neuritis[?] Neuropsychology[?] Newcastle disease[?] Nifedipine[?] Nitrofurantoin[?] Nitroglycerin (drug)[?] Nitrosamines[?] Nizatidine[?] Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug[?] Norgestrel/ethinyl estradiol[?] Nortriptyline[?] Nosebleed[?] Nosocomial infection[?] Nuclear medicine[?] Nystagmus[?] Ofloxacin[?] Omeprazole[?] Orthopedics[?] Osteoarthritis[?] Osteomyelitis[?] Ovarian cancer[?] Oxaprozin[?] Pain relievers[?] Palpitation[?] Palsy[?] Paraplegia[?] Parkinson disease Pellagra[?] Pentoxifylline[?] Pericarditis[?] Pharmaceutical industry[?] Pharmacy[?] Phenelzine[?] Physical fitness[?] Physician assistant[?] Pica (medicine)[?] Pleurisy[?] Pneumoconiosis[?] Podiatry[?] Polyp (tumor)[?] Pravastatin[?] Prednisone[?] Premenstrual syndrome[?] Presbyopia[?] Prescription drugs[?] Preventive medicine[?] Procaine[?] Promethazine[?] Propoxyphene[?] Prostatectomy[?] Psychoactive drugs[?] Psychogenic diseases[?] Puerperal fever[?] Pulmonary diseases[?] Pyelitis[?] Pyloric stenosis[?] Pyorrhea[?] Quinapril[?] Radioimmunoassay[?] Radionics[?] Ramipril[?] Ranitidine[?] Rapamycin[?] Raynaud's disease[?] Recovery (health)[?] Referred pain[?] Reflexology[?] Rehabilitation[?] Reichian therapy[?] Relapsing fever[?] Relaxin[?] Renin Reserpine[?] Resorcinol[?] Resuscitation[?] Reye's syndrome[?] Rheumatic fever[?] Rheumatism[?] Rhinitis[?] Right to die[?] Ringworm[?] Rolfing structural integration[?] Salmeterol[?] Salt (diet)[?] Sarcoidosis[?] Savant syndrome[?] Schick test[?] Sciatica[?] Scrofula[?] Seborrhea[?] Sedative[?] Senile dementia[?] Serology[?] Serum[?] Silicosis[?] Simvastatin[?] Slipped disk[?] Somnambulism[?] Spa (waters)[?] Spermicide[?] Spinal tap[?] Splenectomy[?] Sports medicine[?] Sprain[?] Sterility[?] Steroids[?] Still's disease[?] Stokes-Adams attack[?] Strabismus[?] Streptokinase[?] Stress-related disorders[?] Sty[?] Substance abuse Sucralfate[?] Sudden infant death syndrome[?] Sulfa drugs[?] Sumatriptan[?] Swelling[?] Tay-Sachs disease Temporomandibular disorder[?] Teratoma[?] Terazosin[?] Terconazole[?] Test tube baby[?] Tetany[?] Thalassemia[?] Thermography[?] Thrombophlebitis[?] Thrush (medicine)[?] Timolol maleate[?] Tourette's syndrome Tourniquet[?] Toxemia[?] Toxic shock syndrome[?] Tracheotomy[?] Trachoma[?] Tranquilizer Transdermal patch[?] Trench mouth[?] Tretinoin[?] Triamcinolone[?] Tropical diseases[?] Trypanosomiasis[?] Tsutsugamushi fever[?] Tularemia[?] Ultrasound imaging[?] Umbilical blood therapy[?] Undulant fever[?] Uremia[?] Venlafaxine[?] Ventilator[?] Verapamil[?] Vitalistic medicine[?] Vivisection[?] Weight control[?] Weil's disease[?] Whiplash injury[?] Wilson's disease Women's health[?] World Health Organization Wound[?] Wristdrop[?] Yaws[?] Zollinger-Ellison syndrome[?] Zolpidem[?]

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