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age 25
scattered education

On my user page i want to praise wikipedia for helping me find the names for ideas I've had for years but never been able to find other material on until I came here:

  1. Wikipedia itself: in high school I wrote a proposal (to myself) to try to create a system of publishing that included the following features:
    • easy hyperlinks (this was still rare at the time, Amiga and MS Dos had help-file document authoring applications that could make links, but that was it, as far as I was exposed to).
    • that anything which is published should be forced to tack the opposing opinions somewhere in the notes
    • that there be a reverse link feature: "what links here"
    • that anyone could make editorial fixes or add links and notes.
  2. Language innovations such as, Basic English, and E-Prime
  3. Names for flawed logic that I have long recognized but never had a name for, such as, Parable of the broken window, Opportunity cost, Gambler's fallacy and Inverse gambler's fallacy
  4. Theories and thought experiments that I have done myself in various forms and was unaware of other people discussing them explicitly: Bucket argument, Bayesian probability, Anthropic principle, Irreducible complexity
  5. Names for theories and thought experiments that I had heard vague reference to but never had explained explicitly: Turing test,
  6. other odds and ends: scare quotes,
Other articles that I find interesting and recommend:

I will keep adding items every time I have an "ahaaaa" experience...

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