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Oliver Pereira is... me. ;)

I know, I think I'll make myself a nice sandpit, so I can mess about with pages without ruining their edit histories too much...

As of March 7, 2003, I am now one of those damned sysop people. I'm not quite sure how that happened. I suggested it earlier that day on the mailing list for the English-language Wikipedia, just as something to do, and for some reason Ed Poor took me seriously... ;)

On March 16, 2003 (hey, this is turning into a diary now!), I finally got round to using my sysop powers for eeevil purposes by deleting Hooky / Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II[?] (another of those Spongebob episode summaries) and Ben Hajioff[?] (deleting redirect which leads out of article space (well, if no-one else is going to...)), the latter being a blatant violation of Wikipedia policy, for which I should be banned immediately!!! You see, I was the one who nominated it for deletion, and people aren't supposed to delete pages they nominate for deletion...

Incidentally, the Ben Hajioff article can still be found in my user area, here. You can also see a grossly inaccurate list of articles that I've tampered with, if you like.

                                                          Hold up, I think I
                   o                     o                left my Monster Munch
        bloop            o                    o           back at the wigwam.
                        o                     o             /
           bloop       o   .''''.             o   .''''.
                        o /O)    './|          o /O)    './|
                          > ) \| .'\|            > ) \| .'\|
                           `....`                 `....`
                             ` `                    ` `

           o                           o                    o   bloop
          o                 bloop     o                     o
          o   .''''.                 o   .''''.              o  .''''.
           o /O)    './|              o /O)    './|          o /O)    './|
             > ) \| .'\|                > ) \| .'\|            > ) \| .'\|
              `....`                     `....`                 `....`
                ` `                        ` `                    ` `

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