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Scientific classification
Binomial name
Nommonomus chronicus
Nommonomanac is a dolphin-like alien from a planet in the system of Sirius. His role is apparently that of a nomadic scribe and chronicler, who travels the galaxy and notes the histories of various cultures along the way.

His only known work, the Chronicles of Nommonomanac, contains a lengthy section about the history of the human race (explicitly) between the years 2012 and 7000[?]. The events in the text were collated from the memory-recordings of a robot which was probably salvaged in the early part of the 71st century[?]. It is believed to have been common practice for the Sirian race to leave robot sentries on planets of interest between visits.

The Chronicles were discovered at the convergence of a matrix of subterranean tunnels near the St. Leger[?] public house, in Laughton-en-le-Morthen[?], Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England (&c.), in 1958. The fact that they have been discovered prior to their apparent date of writing has concerned scholars, but the current presumption, based on accounts in the texts, is that the march of time is cyclic in nature and that the account in the Chronicles is that of a previous cycle.

Consequently, whilst the information in the Chronicles describes a familiar world, it is a world that is by no means identical. As a result, the text is not able to accurately predict future occurences. A prime example of discrepancy between the Chronicles and our current "cycle" would be a passing remark to a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center which, in the account of Nommonomanac, took place some fifteen years after 2001. There is also a suggestion that Al Gore won the 2000 US Presidential election. Other discrepancies include the development (or in our case not) of an all encompassing computer programming lingua franca in 2002, and the emergence of a new "super-company" (AVWoman (http://www.avwoman.freeserve.co.uk/)) - very much in the vein of the East India Company. Indeed, it is this company that leads to the first human off-world colonisation projects, in an attempt to escape commercial and political hostility.

The Chronicles continue to be a controversial work. Many supporters point to the apparent similarities between our reality and the accounts in the texts as evidence that the Chronicles are genuine, while detractors draw attention to the many discrepancies seemingly therein, and also query the validity of the translation. As the main account in the book does not start until 2012, there is some wait yet before any categorical judgements can be made either way.

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