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Jason Williams http://www.jasonandali.org.uk/jason/

I'm a Computer Science graduate, from the University of Manchester. I originally come from Manchester, and now live in Enfield (London). I'm currently unemployed, looking for work.

I contribute to lots of different things on Wikipedia, hopping in wherever I think I've got something to add. I'd like to reorganise the pages on military subjects, as it's currently very messy - see User:Khendon/List of military topics for my work-in-progress.

I arrived at wikipedia at the start of September 2002.

Why I love wikipedia

  • It's an excellent resource - for certain things, I look towards wikipedia even before google for an answer.
  • Even in the short time I've been contributing to wikipedia, my ability to be fair and neutral has been improved enormously. In everyday life, I find myself mentally rewording things I read or hear to be NPOV (yes, that's probably a bit sad. oh well :-)
  • I love the fact that I can (sometimes/maybe) write stuff that other people will find useful
  • The very fact that it exists and works indicates there is perhaps some hope for humanity :-)

Statement of opinions

Here are a few of my opinions on controversial topics, in case it helps you watch for inadvertant bias:

  • Gun politics - I favour heavy regulation (strict criteria, strong licensing schemes, heavy restrictions on carrying and storing) but not outright banning.
  • Government and Economics- I believe in a mix of Capitalism with good Socialist safety nets to ensure everybody gets the basics. I have libertarian tendencies, although I do believe the government has a duty to intervene where our actions adversely affect others.
  • Israel/Palestine - I sympathise mostly with the Palestinians, as I think they are being put into a position where they have to continue terrorism in order to survive, and because I don't understand why killing people with a suicide bomb is worse than killing people with a tank. Not to mention rhetoric about palestinian leaders not stopping terrorism, while systematically and deliberately destroying their ability to do so. Having said that, neither side is right.

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