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My interests are mostly in European history, although I've occasionally contributed to pop culture and literature pages. I also like lists. Why? God only knows, they're horrible, but yet, I am compelled, alas...

Current projects:

  • Lists of Incumbents - not the page itself, but I intend to add a large number of lists
  • French colonial empire - just started to expand this
  • War of the Spanish Succession - started to expand this a while ago, but then stopped. Perhaps putting it here will encourage me to work on it.
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - I intend to write bios for the prime ministers who are still red. I also want to try to write some bios for some less prominent British politicians, especially 19th century ones
  • History of Austria - another page I started to work on, and then gave up on for a while. I will be back, though
  • In general, I've been working on the year pages to try to add notable political and military events. So far, mostly in the 16th century
  • British royal family stuff - want to write articles on less prominent members, especially in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • United States Whig Party - yet another on the "started to revise, but gave up" list
  • Arthur Balfour - the current article from the 1911 EB is very long but, you know, old, and only goes up to 1909 or so, thus leaving out much of his later career. Plus, it's probably crazy POV. I'll have to get around to editing it one of these days.
  • William Pitt the Elder - a pretty weak page for such an important statesman
  • History of France - this could use some serious expansion. Haven't started on it yet
  • Quotations from Shakespearean plays - woohoo, a literature page to work on.

That's all I can think of right now, but it's very late. I'm sure there's other stuff I could write about - theories of imperialism! origins of World War I! other things I've taken graduate history seminars on! (Oh, wait, probably shouldn't let it out of the bag that I'm a history grad student...now I'll be mercilessly hated by all and sundry for representing the intellectual elite). In any event, if anyone has any suggestions for any of these things, I'd love to discuss it.

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