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Discovered Wikipedia Saturday, 8/24/2002 at approximately 9:30 AM CDT.

Email is john(price-per-unit)freeq(end-of-sentence)com

Copyediting random Wikipedia articles has lately joined coffee and cigarettes in my morning ritual to get my brain in gear. Evenings, I sometimes work on new articles, expanding stubs, or "translation."

Copyediting's my main thing (my mom was an English teacher, and it shows). Currently I'm sporadically working on the "1990's" thing, and intend to work my way back through the years. (For what it's worth on "1990's," we'll leave this one, because it's correct, and also this one, because if the 'venerable' New York Times can't even get it right, they deserve to be publicly pilloried.)

If that's ever finished, I'll probably return to correcting people's spelling.

Sometime in the interim, I also intend to write more articles on each of the various Macintosh computer models. If you happen to work on one of these, by all means make any improvements to the format that it may need; it's fairly rudimentary at the moment.

I also have a LiveJournal [1] (http://www.livejournal.com/~hephaestos/), which eats up some additional time, where I mostly post about the current state of U.S. government. Although I try hard to stay with the NPOV, if I stray, my journal will probably give you some insight into where it came from. ;)

Here's the bragsheet.

I have all night, bud

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