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I am a reporter and science columnist for the Nashua (New Hampshire) Telegraph, a small daily newspaper.

This Wikipedia stuff is fun, although I'm still uncertain how useful it is as a knowledge tool.

Articles I have started, or done considerable work on, include:

Area code; North American Numbering Plan - Gerald Durrell; "My Family and Other Animals"; Jersey Zoo - P.G. Wodehouse; Bertie Wooster; Jeeves; Drones Club - Arthur Ransom; Nevil Shute; A.A. Milne - Nils Lofgren; W.C. Fields; Red Skelton; Fred Allen; Erma Bombeck - Underwood Dudley - Geraldine Ferraro - Gravity Research Foundation; America's Stonehenge - various NH geographic material; Old Man of the Mountain; Boston & Maine railroad; Live Free or Die - various newspapers; Linotype machine; ETAOIN SHRDUL; Newsweek; Bob Woodward - Palmer Drought Index; maple syrup; pancake - Candyland the game - Trouble the game - Mastermind - X Prize; Scaled Composites - "the curse of the Bambino"; Logan airport - Wynton Marsalis; Elmer Bernstein - ghettoblaster; "Mysterious Afair at Styles" - Alice Springs; Pine Gap; camel train - United Mine Workers; Carry Nation; Socialist Party of America; Greater East Asica Co-prosperity Sphere - snipe hunt - Dr. Demento - Bible belt - bombardier beetle - Ford Model A - Virginia Tech - stirrup - Jane Barbe ("time lady" voice) - GEnie (the ISP) -

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