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I graduated in May 2001 in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy. I have worked as the board games guide for About.com and a web developer for the Mind Sports Organisation. I was also the founder and president of the Messiah College games club. I'm now volunteering for TEJO in Rotterdam.

My current interests are Esperanto (and languages in general), languages, German-style board games (and board games in general), and Wikis (and Internet communities in general). I also have a webpage at http://amuzulo.babil.komputilo.org/ and a blog at http://amuzulo.livejournal.com/. I'm currently teaching myself Dutch (because I live in Holland) and Slovenian (because my girlfriend is Slovene) through Pimsleur Dutch and Colloquial Slovene.

I'm also the founder of the Esperanto-Vikipedio (http://eo.wikipedia.com) which, of course is the wikipedia in Esperanto... I changed my username from "Chuck Smith" to "Chuck SMITH" to make it conform with my name on the Esperanto Wikipedia. This should make transition to new software easier.

Inspirational Quote

There is no doubt that if the human race is to have their dearest wish and be free from the dread of mass destruction they could have, as an alternative, what many of them might prefer, namely, the swiftest expansion of material well-being that has ever been within their reach, or even within their dreams. By material well-being I mean not only abundance but a degree of leisure for the masses such as has never before been possible in our mortal struggle for life. The majestic possibilities ought to gleam and be made to gleam before the eyes of the toilers in every land and ought to inspire the actions of all who bear responsibility for their guidance.

--Winston Churchill

What I do on Wikipedia

I don't think I'm very good at writing content unless I'm really passionate about something (which I'm told I'm not supposed to do on here). So mostly I link sections of the Wikipedia to make things better interconnected, fix links, split pages, and general wiki management. I also create links to pages and write experts of those pages asking them if they want to write an article.

On the English wikipedia, I mostly work on the board games and the Esperanto language and culture pages. I'm a strong believer of multiplying content instead of adding it.

On the Esperanto wikipedia, I basically just try to make sure people understand the wiki concept and I work on promotion, recruitment and keeping things manageable.

On the Meta wikipedia, I bring up ideas for improving the International wikipedia and connecting them together.

On the German, Spanish and Dutch Wikipedias, I lurk. :-)

Pages I plan to eventually incorporate into articles

I am blanking meetup again. This page is in the Encyclopaedia namespace, it you want to create such a page you should do so in the Wikipedia namesapce, on on meta. If you wish to discuss this further please see Wikipedia:Votes for deletion - Mintguy 20:29 Apr 20, 2003 (UTC)

Please ignore above. I somehow misread the page when I first blanked it, and have now removed it from votes for deletion. Mintguy 20:33 Apr 20, 2003 (UTC)

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