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My name is Benjamin Esham, but I go by Bdesham on the 'pedia. I am an administrator here. If you are possessed by some strange desire, you can look at my website (http://www.bdesham.net); if you're feeling really wild you can even read my blog (http://blog.bdesham.net), a collection of mostly random rantings and ravings that is updated annually (or thereabouts).


Pages I've edited or created

Adium, degenerate, Epcot, footbag, Geneseo, New York, cellular respiration, Drum Corps International, genetic code, Jennifer Garner, mellophone, pentaquark, Taps, TI-89

Great quotes from Wikipedia articles

  • "These approximations [of pi] have so many digits that they are no longer of any practical use, except for testing new supercomputers." -- Pi

  • "The reader may legitimately wonder if the author of the above joke gets invited to many parties." -- Lightbulb joke

  • "...most of the campus contains a jumble of buildings with different architectural styles and all the charm and elegance of a typical run-down industrial park." -- MIT

  • "Please remember that Wikipedia is offered for informational use only.... You are advised to contact your Commander-in-Chief for war-related decisions." -- Wikipedia:WikiProject Ships

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