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I am a lawyer in private practice in Brooklyn, New York a/k/a The County of Kings (as the Court Officers often pronounce it at the local Courthouse. Being knowledgable in a few areas of law such as corporations, contracts, litigation, immigration law, entertainment law, intellectual property, family law and human rights I hope to help flesh out the Wikipedia in these area as well in areas of my other interests, which are varied.

Some Pages I've worked on: Belarus/Temp, Belarusian Media, Brest, Belarus, Minsk, Commonwealth of Independent States, G. I. Gurdjieff and related links. Some Pages I've started; Bialowieza Forest -- a great place to visit, Law of Obligations, Private law, Patently unreasonable, and Fundamental justice, two central topics from Canadian administrative law, jus commune, the common law of the civil law tradition, Fiduciary duty, Kangaroo court,

Volyn region (Oblast) -- my grandparents came from a small village near Kovel[?], Kathryn Hulme, Juan Downey and The Whirling Dervishes Pages I'd like to start: an in depth study of civil law that expand on the Law of Obligations, indepth study of Legal history.

I studied law at McGill University in Montreal Quebec and have degrees in common law (L.L.B.) and civil law (B.C.L.) and a B.A. in Canadian/North American history and am very knowledgable in legal history and social history.

I am also an independent filmmaker[?] (or is that moviemaker?) and videographer and having made documentaries, video art and fictional short works though I'd like to stay a bit anonymous so I am using a pseudonym here, though I know some of you guys could track me down if you wanted to.

I am trying to clean up List of legal topics by linking anything to it that hasn't been linked (quite a few articles, I think I have found at least 40 that weren't linked there) and a new list that I have started List of international public law topics. If you have any suggestion about law articles you'd like to see (especially ones that are confusing, poorly written or just plain incomprehensible, if I have edited them at all or not) please leave me a note here and I will try and take a look or start something new and link it to some of the things I know.

However, I would like to stress that Wikipedia is not a dictionary (yes Firepersons I have figured that out already) so I am not here to define or refine every legal term. Black's Law Dictionary has about 25,000 terms at last count so; as far as the law is concerned I am just trying to help start/continue the creative process in getting these articles going and structured. I do have other interests, particularly colonial history, the history of science and technology and various useless but quite interesting information that seems to have clogged up my brain.

Please leave comments on my talk page. Thank you.

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