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I picked this silly 168 name thinking that, when I registered, the Wiki site would recognize me as the once-unregistered guy who wrote and edited a lot of articles from an IP address beginning "168...". It didn't. I guess I've just been reborn with a silly name. Oh well.

I'm a former molecular neuroscientist, and so far I've worked only on articles that allow me to draw on that background, enabling me to avoid cracking a book. You might notice I don't work things to a polish before I post--at least I hope that's what you infer, instead of "this person writes like crap." Anyway, what you'll more likely notice is that often I post umpteen incremental edits in succession before I disappear for a while. I got into this habit before I realized with embarrassment that I was being logged. To my knowledge, though, this isn't annoying the pants off anyone, so I haven't thought much about stopping. My main mission writing most of what I've done so far, at least in the early iterations, has been to add or improve scientific content where I saw it lacking.

On the other hand, I also think very well of myself as a writer and explainer--and I have some professional experience in these areas. Perhaps to a fault, I have strong opinions about wording--particularly when it comes to vagueness, redundancy, precision, accuracy and writing so that every reader can understand. I suppose I'll stew in resentment forever about some writing compromises, but I'm happy to concede a point when someone takes the time and can make the case to me.


Have a message for me? Please visit my talk page.

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