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Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Ursidae

The Ursidae is a family of carnivorous mammals, commonly known as bears.

Subfamily Ailurinae[?]

Genus Ailuropoda[?]
Species melanoleuca (Giant Panda)

Subfamily Ursininae[?]

Genus Helarctos[?]
Species malayanus[?] (Sun Bear[?])
Genus Melursus
Species ursinus[?] (Sloth Bear[?])
Genus Tremarctos[?]
Species ornatus[?] (Spectacled Bear[?])
Genus Ursus[?]
Species americanus[?] (American Black Bear) - sometimes placed in its own genus, Euarcturus
Species arctos (Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear)
Species thibetanus[?] (Asiatic Black Bear[?])
Species spelaeus[?] (Cave Bear) - extinct since the end of the last ice age
Genus Thalarctos[?]
Species maritimus (Polar Bear) - There is a growing tendency to classify this species under the genus Ursus.

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