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The tryannosaurids were a family of dinosaurs whose name is derived from the Latin words, terrible lizards. This is as, in early research, they were suggested to be extremely vicious killers.

All members of this family are strictly carnivorous. They were relatively slow runners, due to their size, and likely scavenged[?] some of their food. However, their large teeth would allow for the quick and easy destruction of the thick armour plating on ankylosaurs[?].

All tyrannosaurids are easily characterized by their large, thickly built back legs, of which it walked on, and scrawny, short front ones, of little use to the beasts.

Notable, discovered members of this family include the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T. Rex), Albertosaurus, Tarbosaurus, and Daspletosaurus.

Weight Varied from 2-7 US Tons (1.8-6.4 Tonnes)

Length Varied from 26-46 feet (8-14 metres)

Found Alberta, Mongolia, Montana (area dependant on species)

Period Late Cretaceous[?]

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