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Tuition is a fee charged by educational institutions around the world and arguably, the bane of many young adults.

Tuition is charged by educational institutions to assist with funding of staff and faculty, course offerings, lab equipment, computer systems, libraries, facility upkeeping, and to provide a comfortable learning experience for its students.

Some methods students use to pay tuition include

Most students who pay for tuition have tuition fees that are greater than their savings. Thus, some students have to take part time jobs and/or take out loans. Those who take part time jobs worry about handling both the course load and working. Those who take out loans have to ensure they are able to re-pay or else risk bad credit ratings.

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Canadian Tuition

Facts and Figures

  • In 2002, Undergraduate arts students paid roughly around $3,500CDN in tuition. In 1991/92 the national average undergraduate arts tuition cost $1,714 per year.
  • Between 1990/91 and 2000/01, tuition rose 126.2 per cent, or six times faster than the 20.6 per cent rise in the rate of inflation during the same period.
  • If tuition had risen according to inflation, the average cost of attending a university in Canada as an arts student would have been $2,100 in 2001.
  • Undergraduate arts students in Nova Scotia pay the most tuition for that program at around $4,732, while residents of Ontario are second at $4,062.
  • The largest average tuition hike in Canada occurred in Saskatchewan with an increase of 12.4 per cent in 2001/02 compared with a year earlier.
  • University tuition fees in British Columbia have increased since the BCLiberals lifted the freeze on tuition, and as a consequence, institutions have increased tuition. Many students from universities and colleges around the province have complained, and have protested against the hikes, some teaching assistants[?] even going on strike.
  • Residents of Quebec have had five consecutive tuition freezes since 1996/97 and currently have the lowest tuition in the country.
  • Professional programs such as dentistry, medicine, and law average the highest tuition across Canada and have also posted the largest average increases in fees this year with hikes of 7.8, 9.9 and 8.2 per cent respectively, compared with 2000/01.
  • Between 1995 and 2001 university tuition rose by an average of 7.3 per cent a year.

Source: CBC, Statistics Canada

United States Tuition

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United Kingdom Tuition

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Hong Kong Tuition

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Mexican Tuition

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Other Countries....

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