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Trigun (トライガン), a 26-episode Anime series based on a manga, is the story of Vash the Stampede, a.k.a. The Humanoid Typhoon, and the two Bernadelli Insurance agency employees Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson who were ordered to follow him and minimize the damage that seems to follow Vash everywhere he goes. Much of that damage is caused by the activities of the bounty hunters who are after the $$60,000,000,000 ($$ = double dollar) reward on Vash's head for the destruction of a city called July (which, amazingly, resulted in no direct loss of life to the city's inhabitants). Vash does not clearly remember the destruction of July, and only wants "love and peace," as he puts it; though he is a gunfighter of near god-like skill, he uses his weapons only to save lives wherever he can (even the lives of those who try to kill him).

As the series progresses, more is gradually learned about Vash's mysterious history and the history of human civilization on the alien desert planet the series is set on. The series is often humorous in tone, but at the same time it involves very serious character development and especially in later episodes it becomes quite emotionally intense. Vash is occasionally joined by the preacher Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is almost as good a gunfighter as Vash himself, and later is targetted by a band of mercenaries known as the Gung-Ho Guns for reasons which are mysterious at first.

Trigun evolves into a very serious discussion of the nature of morality, posing questions such as: What is the nature of morality? Can we judge different moral codes? If a person is forced to betray their moral code, does that betrayal invalide that moral code, and can the person still try to live up to that moral code?

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Vash the Stampede (Humanoid Typhoon)

The main character. He was initially discovered by Maryl and Milly imprisoned by some bandits who wanted to collect on the $$6 billion. He escapes and Milly and Maryl eventually learn that this is the person they are supposed to track. Although he is a pacifist, he is also an extremely skilled gunman and seeks to preserve life where ever possible.

Maryl Stryfe

She and Milly were sent by the Bernadelli Insurance firm to evaluate claims regarding Vash the Stampede. Initially, she didn't know who he was and found Vash to be a nuisance. As time passes, she recognizes that Vash isn't the villain that he is made out to be. Despite her serious attitude, she is still a good person.

Milly Thompson

Friend and assistant of Maryl, she also works for the Bernadelli Insurance firm. She seemed to pick up on the fact that Vash was the wandering gunman before Maryl, but she didn't realize that she was right. She has an extremely kind heart.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

A preacher and an excellent gunman, Nicholas and Vash meet in the desert when their bus runs across his motorcycle. He proves to be a valuable ally, but sometimes Vash and Wolfwood's philosophies conflict. In the end, he comes over to Vash's way of thinking, even though he was associated with Knives the whole time.


Vash's brother, who believes that humanity is a plague that must be exterminated because he felt that by killing man, he would prevent any damage man can cause. He first tried to convince Vash to join his quest, but eventually the two became bitter rivals.

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