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Touching is having or getting a zero distance; in geometry it refers especially to a tangent line or curve. See also collision.

When a person touches something or somebody this gives rise to various feelings: the perception of pressure (hence shape, softness[?], texture[?], vibration, etc.), heat, cold[?] and sometimes pain (see the senses). Holding or moving something is usually done by touching (exceptions are e.g. blowing or using a magnet or engine), but this is sometimes done indirectly, e.g. with pliers[?].

Touching another person is a form of physical intimacy and plays an important role in human sexual behavior, but also in physical abuse[?], such as striking, pushing, pulling, pinching, kicking, etc.

Touching is a form of nonverbal communication [1] (http://members.aol.com/doder1/touch1.htm).

Human babies have been observed to have enormous difficulty surviving if they do not possess a sense of touch, even if they retain sight and hearing. Babies who can feel the sense of touch, even without sight and hearing, fare much better. The implications are intriguing from an AI perspective. Touch can be considered a basic sense in that nearly all life forms have a response to being touched, while only a subset have sight and hearing.

See also frotteurism, grappling, massage, tickling.

One can also be emotionally touched.

"Touch" is one of the most traditional Manga in Japan. It is about brothers who play baseball, trying to play at the Koushien[?]. The youger brother is called the Katsuya, and the older brother is called Tastuya, and they were twins. In fact, Tastuya had never played baseball until he entered the high school. Comparing to this, Kastuya was a very fomous baseball player since he was in middle school, but he died when he was in the first grade in high school by a car accident. Kastuya's death made Tastuya play baseball to accomplish Kastuya's dream. When Kastuya was alive, these two boys fell in love with a same girl, called Minami, who was a childhood friend with Tastuya and Kastuya. After Kastuya's death, Tastuya and Minami supported eachother to accomplish eachother's goal. Tastuya's goal was to play baseball at the KOUSIENN, and Minami's goal was to do a good performance at the All Japan Gymnastic Tournament. They fell in love gradually but Tastuya can't show his emotions that he loves Minami because of his dead brother. He knew that Kastuya loved Minami too, so he feels a sense of guilt to Kastuya. This Manga creates a story of their difficult love and their enshusiasm towards their sports.

A 102-episode anime TV series, three movies, and one TV special were also produced.

Touch is a rock band.

Touch is also a record label concentrating on experimental electronic music - see Touch (record label)[?].

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