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Titan I missile

Titan 1 Specifications:

Liftoff thrust: 132,140 kgf. Total mass: 105,142 kg. Core diameter: 3.1 m. Total length: 31.0 m. Development Cost: $ 1,643,300,000.00 in 1960 Dollars. Flyaway cost: $ 1,500,000.00 each, in 1962 Dollars. Total development missiles built: 47. Total missiles fired: 68. Total production missiles built: 108. Total deployed missiles: 54.

Titan 1 First Stage: Gross mass: 76,203 kg. Empty mass: 4,000kg. Thrust (vac): 149,685 kgf. Isp (vac): 290 sec. Isp (sea level): 256 sec. Burn time: 138 seconds. Diameter: 3.1 m. Span: 3.1 m. Length: 16.0 m. Propellants: Liquid Oxygen (Lox) / Kerosene. Number of engines: Two - LR-87-3.

Titan 1 Second Stage: Gross mass: 28,939 kg. Empty mass: 1,725 kg. Thrust (vac): 36,288 kgf. Isp (vac): 308 sec. Isp (sea level): 210 sec. Burn time: 225 seconds. Diameter: 2.3 m. Span: 2.3 m. Length: 9.8 m. Propellants: Liquid Oxygen (Lox) / Kerosene. Number of engines: One - LR-91-3.

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