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Tirolean Alps

The chief peaks of the Tirolean Alps, including the Zillerthal and Tuern Ranges, from the Brenner Pass to the Radstadter Tauern Pass, north of the Drave Valley and south of the Pinzgau and the Enns Valley, are:
Gross Glockner 3798 meters(12,461 feet)
Gross Geiger 3365 meters(11,041 feet)
Gross Venediger 3660 meters(12,008 feet)
Ruthnerhorn(Rieserferner) 3360 meters(11,024 feet)
Gross Wiesbachhorn 3570 meters(11,713 feet)
Hochalmspitze 3355 meters(11,008 feet)
Hochfeiler (Zillerthal) 3523 meters(11,559 feet)
Reichenspitze (Z) 3305 meters(10,844 feet)
Dreiherrenspitze 3505 meters(11,500 feet)
Gross Rotherknopf (Schober) 3296 meters(10,814 feet)
Mosele (Z) 3486 meters(11,438 feet)
Gross Morchner (Z) 3287 meters(10,785 feet)
Olperer (Z) 3480 meters(11,418 feet)
Hochnarr (Goldberg) 3258 meters(10,689 feet)
Johannisberg 3467 meters(11,375 feet)
Ankogel 3253 meters(10,673 feet)
Hochgall (Rieserferner) 3440 meters(11,287 feet)
Hochschober 3250 meters(10,663 feet)
Thurnerkamp (Z) 3422 meters(11,228 feet)
Kitzsteinhorn 3204 meters(10,512 feet)
Gross Loflier (Z) 3382 meters(11,096 feet)
Sonnblick 3108 meters(10,196 feet)
Fusstein (Z) 3380 meters(11,090 feet)
Zsigmondyspitze 3085 meters(10,122 feet)
Schwarzenstein (Z) 3370 meters(11,057 feet)
Reckner (Tuxergebirge) 2891 meters(9485 feet)

The chief passes of the Tirolean Alps, including the Zillerthal and Tuern Ranges, from the Brenner Pass to the Radstadter Tauern Pass, north of the Drave Valley and south of the Pinzgau and the Enns Valley, are:

Mitterbachjoch (Breitlahner to Taufers), snow (Z) 3130 meters(10,270 feet)
Trippachsattel (Floiten Valley to Taufers), snow (Z) 3054 meters(10,020 feet)
Riffelthor (Kaprun to Heiligenblut), snow 3051 meters(10,010 feet)
Bockkarscharte (Ferleiten to Heiligenblut), snow 3046 meters(9994 feet)
Sonnblickscharte (Rauris to Heiligenblut), snow 2979 meters(9774 feet)
Alpeinerscharte (Breitlahner to St Jodok am Brenner), foot path (Z) 2960 meters(9712 feet)
Vorder Umbalthorl (Pragraten to Kasern), snow 2928 meters(9607 feet)
Ober Sulzbachthorl (Pragraten to Wald), snow 2926 meters(9600 feet)
Keilbachjoch (Mayrhofen to Steinhaus), foot path (Z) 2868 meters(9410 feet)
Unter Sulzbachthorl (Wald to Gschloss), snow 2865 meters(9400 feet)
Schwarzkopfscharte (Bramberg to Gschloss), snow 2850 meters(9351 feet)
Pragraterthorl (Pragraten to the Defereggen Glen),foot path 2846 meters(9338 feet)
Glodisthorl (Lienz to Kals), snow 2832 meters(9292 feet)
Antholzerscharte (Rein Valley to the Antholz Valley), snow 2820 meters(9252 feet)
Krimmlerthorl (Krimml Glen to the Obersulzbach Glen) snow 2814 meters(9233 feet)
Goldzechscharte (Heiligenblut to Rauris), snow 2810 meters(9220 feet)
Kalserthorl (Kals to Liens), snow 2803 meters(9197 feet)
Ober Tramerscharte (Rauris to Dollach), snow 2802 meters(9193 feet)
Kleine Elendscharte (Gastein to Gmund), snow 2739 meters(8987 feet)
Kleine Zirknitzscharte (Dollach to Fragant or Rauris), snow 2719 meters(8921 feet)
Dossener or Maunitzerscharte (Mallnitz to Gmund), snow 2677 meters(8783 feet)
Grosse Elendscharte (Mallnitz to the Upper Malta Glen), snow 2673 meters(8770 feet)
Unter Pfandlscharte (Ferleiten to Heiligenblut), snow 2665 meters(8744 feet)
Heiliggeistjochl (Mayrhofen to Kasern), foot path (Z) 2658 meters(8721 feet)
Bergerthorl (Kals to Heiligenblut), foot path 2650 meters(8695 feet)
Kaprunerthorl (upper Kaprun Glen to the upper Stubach Glen), snow 2635 meters(8645 feet)
Krimmler Tauern (Krimml to Kasern), foot path 2634 meters(8642 feet)
Virgner or Defereggerthorl (Defereggen Glen to Virgen and Pragraten), foot path 2617 meters(8586 feet)
Backlenke or Trojerjoch (Pragraten to the Defereggen Glen), foot path 2613 meters(8573 feet)
Hochthor or Heiligenbluter Tauern (Heiligenblut to Rauris), foot path 2573 meters(8442 feet)
Horndljochl (Mayrhofen to Steinhaus), foot path (Z) 2555 meters(8383 feet)
Velber Tauern (Windisch Matrei to Mittersill), bridle path 2540 meters(8334 feet)
Kalser Tauern (Kals to Uttendorf), foot path 2512 meters(8242 feet)
Hohe or Korn Tauern (Mallnitz to Gastein), bridle path over, railway tunnel beneath 2463 meters(8081 feet)
Niedere or Mallnitzer Tauern (Mallnitz to Gastein), bridle path 2414 meters(7920 feet)
Fuscherthorl (Ferleiten to the Seidlwinkel Glen), foot path 2405 meters(7891 feet)
Lappacherjoch (Lappach to theahrn Valley), foot path (Z) 2366 meters(7763 feet)
Tuxerjoch or Schmirnjoch (Mayrhofen to St Jodok am Brenner), foot path (Z) 2346 meters(7697 feet)
Klammljoch (Taufers to the Defereggen Valley), bridle path 2291 meters(7517 feet)
Arlscharte (St Johann in Pongau to Gmund), foot path 2251 meters(7386 feet)
Pfitscherjoch (Mayrhofen to Sterzing), foot path (Z) 2248 meters(7376 feet)
Kals Matreierthorl (Kals to Windisch Matrei), bridle path 2206 meters(7238 feet)
Die Stanz (Gastein to Rauris), foot path 2103 meters(6900 feet)
Stallersattel (Defereggen Glen to the Antholz Glen), bridle path (R) 2055 meters(6742 feet)
Radstadter Tauern (Radstadt to Mautendorf), carriage road 1738 meters(5702 feet)

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