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Three-finger salute

In computing, the three-finger salute is a jocular term for the keyboard combination that forces a soft boot or jump to ROM monitor (on machines that support such a feature). It is also known as the "Vulcan nerve pinch" or "Vulcan death grip" from the original Star Trek TV series.

Platform Key comboFunction
AmigaCtrl + Left Amiga + Right Amiga Reboot the machine
some AmigasCtrl + Commodore + Amiga Reboot the machine
IBM PC under DOSCtrl + Alt + DelReboot the machine
IBM PC under WindowsCtrl + Alt + DelBring up login screen or enter task manager
IBM PC under other OSCtrl + Alt + DelOften, but not always configured to reboot
Sun workstationL1/Stop + AEnter ROM monitor
Sun workstation (serial console)BreakEnter ROM monitor
Apple II family machinesCtrl + ResetEnters the monitor or ROM BASIC
Ctrl + Cmd + ResetReboot the machine
Ctrl + Option + ResetEnter BIOS setup, then reboot
Ctrl + Option + Apple + ResetSelf-test, then reboot
Some Apple Macintosh computersCmd + PowerEnter monitor
Control + Cmd + PowerReboot the machine
Mac OS XCommand + Option + EscForce quit applications
SGI workstationLeft Shift + Left Ctrl + Left Alt + Keypad Divide + F12
Commodore 64Left Shift + CtrlReboot the machine
Run/Stop + RestoreHalt and return to READY prompt
X Window SystemCtrl + Alt + BackspaceRestarts windowing system, logging the user out.

The "three-finger salute" is named after the one-finger salute, a euphmistic name for a rude hand gesture.

Article based on Three-finger salute (http://foldoc.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/foldoc.cgi?query=three+finger+salute) at FOLDOC (http://www.foldoc.org), used with permission.

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